Be still.

Being still. Anyone else struggle with that? I am so terrible at just being still. I can’t even sit through a movie!  *Much to my husbands dismay.* It’s not that i’m always super productive or accomplish great task in a day, I just literally can’t seem to be still. You know those days where you’re just left wanting more? Wishing you could do more, or be more, or have more. Just more. Lately, I’ve been feeling so anxious about being more and doing more. Maybe it’s because it’s getting closer and closer to due date, or maybe it’s because there’s something more God is planning for me right around the corner. I can’t be sure yet. But, as I feel myself trying to beat him to whatever the more is, I hear gentle whispers to be still. It seems the more I push for productivity, the less I accomplish.  I love how God teaches me lessons through my babies. Yesterday, I told Beckett (who’s my second born and is 3 years old) that he could pick something out of the candy jar. He got out a stool out and climbed up on the counter to decide what. In the meantime, the dog was out of water, so I was refilling her bowl. “Ok mommy, I choose this!” he said holding up a fun sized bag of skittles. “Can you open it for me?” I told him to give me just a second and as soon as I finished getting Bree (the dog) water, I would. He just couldn’t wait. He tore the bag so hard that it ripped all the way open and skittles flew everywhere. While he was mid melt down over the skittles, I thought to myself “Wouldn’t it have been better if he had just waited 1 more minute so I could do it for him?” Ouch. There was that not as gentle whisper again… much like his mama, he couldn’t be still. Rushing ahead of God’s plan for our life can get messy. The bible tells us that the Lord will fight for us, we need only to be still. (Exodus 14:14) In Psalms we are told to be still and know that HE is God. And in Jeremiah it tells us that HE knows the plans he has for us. Not that we do. So next time you’re like me and wrestling with the “what’s next”, take a breath. Wait for God. You just might save yourself a {candy} catastrophe. 😉


One thought on “Be still.

  1. So many times we know God has placed a desire in our hearts for something very specific. But when we wait and be still and know he is God, and He is in control and he is only GOOD, we get to watch his handy work take place, instead of trying to do his job for him.

    It’s SO hard. The waiting is so hard! When we waited for two years to have Eden, I never saw a light st the end of the tunnel, I just saw the desire to be a momma that wasn’t happening, BUT, God was SO GOOD to us then. And he groomed me into being a more patient momma and he SHINED in our story. The lessons I learned from that has helped me to BE STILL in other hard situations in my life, because I KNOW God will show out.

    Love your encouragement, Cris! I know these blog posts speak to you in your specific personal situations Day to day, but this one was a great reminder for me, too!

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