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Persistence… in kids it can sometimes be viewed as a negative characteristic. People will say, “Man, he sure is persistent!” Or moms will say “She just will not stop!” But persistence in a biblical sense is everything. Persistence by definition means “firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.” Have you ever faced difficulty or opposition while trying to live out your course of action? Haha, Yeah, me too! But don’t you want to be known as someone who was persistent with the will of God? The Christian walk commands persistence. Endurance. Stamina. Perseverance. Constancy. We were never promised it would be an easy road. Did you know that before Jesus died on the cross he asked God if there was another way? In Mathew 26:39 & 42 he says “my father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me…” But he persisted. He pushed through it. He endured the cross so that you and I were free. Boy am I thankful for that kind of persistence! See once we find Gods plan for our lives, once we decide we are in, we are called to persist. We WILL face opposition, Satan WILL attack us while we try to further the kingdom of God, but with Gods help we also WILL persist. The Bible gives several examples of how we should act when we are faced with opposition. In Romans it tells us to be patient in affliction. (12:12) In Galatians it tells us not to become weary, for in proper time we will reap our harvest if we do not give up. (6:9) Revelations tells us that since we have endured patiently, we will not face the hour of trial. (3:10) Seeing the same pattern I am? It could take awhile guys… persist anyway. Let the spirit lead you. Talk through when you’re discouraged. Let others help you persist, but persist!

I feel unworthy to encourage this, as I promise I’m in the struggle to persistent just as you might be. But let’s choose to persist. Let’s make sure our motives are spirit driven, and let’s endure in spite of opposition. Just as we are called to do.

I will leave you with this word from Beth Moore’s entrusted bible study… (Page 151 in the study guide for those who have it)

” Pure persistence will carry you where no amount of talent, skill, aptitude, and experience can… persist.”



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