My Beckett is four! When I was pregnant with Beckett I had gestational  diabetes and he was born at 37 weeks with immature lungs. He didn’t get to come home with us until 13 days after he was born. Since then he has filled our life is so much laughter! We coined the nickname “wreck it Beckett” because he so wild and manages to destroy everything. He is our tender-hearted ,candy loving, redneck, oblivious, wild child. I always say he’s just like his daddy, for better or for worse 😉
I’m always excited when it’s birthday time because I love a good party! When I throw a party, I like to have a few games for the kids to play and lots of food for people to eat. It tends to keep people entertained if their kids are busy and the adults have food to eat while socializing.  I try to keep the schedule relaxed and let the party flow naturally. This year’s theme was football and the kids seem to really enjoy it!
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