You know those times when you have to tell your kids to just trust you because you know what’s best? Every momma knows what I’m talking about. When they aren’t tired and fight you on laying down, but then 3 minutes later they’re asleep? Or when they think they might die of starvation and they’re almost positive the tootsie roll will fill them up just as well as that peanut butter sandwich you just made? Or how about when you KNOW they’ll like something so you make them try it anyway, and even though they won’t admit it…you can see in their eyes that you were right? That’s how Jesus feels with us. He sees our hearts desires and he wants so badly to fulfill them. In His time. Sometimes in our flesh we think if God would just give us what we asked for everything would work out perfectly! When I’m wrestling with God about something that I want, I like to talk about it out loud. As if he was visibly right in front of me. It helps me to hear how silly I sound telling the God who created all things (including me) how things should go. That’s not to say we shouldn’t ASK God for things we desire. Just because he already know us, (and already knows what’s best) doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to hear our hearts. In Genesis Abraham (called Abram then) ask God for an heir. He wanted children and asked God why he didn’t have them.(Gen 15:2-3) And do you know what it says God thought of that? He called him righteous in the Faith. (Gen 15:6) When we turn to God for our questions and hearts desires, it shows our Faith in His answers. If you’re yearning for something that you’re not getting, just remember that you are known and loved by your Father. And just as you know what’s best for your own children, he knows what’s best for you. Rest assured my friend, he wants to fulfill your every want and need in time. We know that biblically the heart is the most deceitful(Jeremiah 17:9-10) therefore, we have to seek Him to insure that our desires match His. Lean in, Ask, Listen and Accept that you are known by your creator.