Hi! I’m Cris. Zack and I got married in 2009 and we have four boys. Yes, you read that right. No, we weren’t “trying for a girl” 😉 We would love to adopt one day and are praying through what that looks like. I am a stay at home mom to the boys ages 5, 4, 2 and 2 months (August 2017). As a stay at home mom, I frequently wrestle with “losing myself” in the midst of raising my family. I did a bible study by Beth Moore called “entrusted” on 2nd Timothy and if it wasn’t clear before, it became that way… my job is to “guard what is entrusted to me”. I am not the mom of these 4 boys by accident. I am what they need, I am enough, and they are entrusted to me. As I navigate through the craziness of motherhood, I want to guard it. Along the way I hope to encourage other moms to keep guarding. Lets hold each other up, laugh at the crazy of everyday lives, and actively seek to please God with what he’s entrusted to us!

In this blog you should expect post about being a mom, design, and walking with Jesus  🙂